Siniam Procurement

Control your Stock Levels

Take care of the day-to-day operations such as purchase orders, item receipt, inventory management and purchase order notifications to suppliers.

Features of Siniam Procurement

Capture all details for each purchase order including discounts, taxes and shipping costs.
Many a times your supplier will give you a credit period or payment term. With Siniam, you just enter the payment terms and the system will keep tabs on upcoming payment to suppliers, on the procurement module and on the finance module
Set approval steps for purchase orders to ensure correct and budget sensitive purchasing.
Utilize Siniam's purchase order receiving through easy status updates, i.e. Ordered, Pending, Quarantine, or, Received. Quaratine status caters for inspection of goods before receiving into warehouse/ storage facility.
Get info on raw material requirement from production plans and from pending sales orders that require to be serviced by manufacturing department.
This is an in-depth ledger based on all items supplied including assets, products, or, expenses incurred by the business but supplied by a pre-qualified supplier. Also get the payment report done to each supplier.

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