Siniam Inventory Control

Integrated Inventory Control

Siniam delivers high-performance requirements planning for businesses with demanding logistical processes. Siniam’s materials management is a just-in-time material requirements planning with foresight that tracks all requirements from sales, purchasing, warehousing and production to ensure required materials get to where they’re needed.

Warehousing, picking lists, and stocktaking are all under your control—without binding you to specific operation or end devices, which can be determined by your use cases such as;

  • Inventory Management, Warehousing, Scheduling, Sales, Purchasing, Production, Mobile Warehouse

Siniam Inventory Control Features

Easily move stocks from one location to another. Be it a warehouse/ store or a separate outlet. With Siniam, you can track the transfer status from initiated, on transit and completed, while capturing costs incurred.
We offer a blind stock take approach whereby whoever is tasked with the stock take activity does not know the expected quantities. On completion, management approves the stock take and effects the new stocks changes onto the system stock.
Losses can occur at any point in a business process. From siniam stock adjustment, you can adjust accordingly, from an increase in stock or a decrease, with a note to explain the reason, and amounts recovered, if any.
This is a deep dive on the movement history of any item. It captures purchases, transfers, adjustments, and sales.
Get a tabulation on the expirely of products based on lot number and dates of expirely as entered during receiving or mnufacturing.

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