Siniam HRM

Human Relationship Management

A people-management platform businesses use to boost performance, take care of compliance and create culture.

Siniam HRM Features

Record and manage attendance via upload from a biometric device, attendance records entry directly into the system, or, we can integrate the biometric devices (ZK-Teco devices for now) with Siniam to automate the process.
keep track of leave days issued and taken. Employees with login access can also request leave and off days directly, which sends a notification to the HR manager for approval.
We utilise payroll classifications/ job groups to assign salaries and wages to employees and casuals based on your categorization. Also, get to automatically calculate statutory deductions hence giving a comprehensive payroll report, and a system generated payslip. Each user can also access their own payroll records and download their payslips.
Get insights on the progress of each user based on set targets. Each sales person can also view their progress on set targets.
Break down your human resource to departments and designations for easier management.

    Upcoming Update: HRM To HCM

    We are working on updating our HRM module to HCM with:

  • Recruitment, Applicant tracking system, onboarding, Learning, Performance, succession, and KPIs. This all coupled with the already available features.

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