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We have released our V2 with improved features.
For all users before 27th March 2024

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At Siniam, we provide our clients with high-performance software that enables them to adapt to processes without disrupting daily operations; a system that is designed for growth and agility, yet robust and easy to maintain.

Access Data from any Smart Device

Driving visibility across all business departments and let your team work on-the-go with the Siniam Enterprise SaaS platform. Bond with your employees and reduce the complexity associated with their tasks.

  • Improved Data Quality: Collecting data via mobile devices and feeding it into your system makes your ERP system more effective.
  • Greater Visibility: Anticipate demand and plan business processes accordingly. Track cross-department workflow with your handheld device.
  • Speed Up Automation: Expedite your processes and deliver enhanced efficiency and profitability for your business.

Unified Business Processes

Siniam facilitates effective handing of business workflows and efficient management of ever-changing business requirements.

This reduces human errors, avoids communication gaps among the users, and helps in completion of work in required timeframe thus meeting the critical targets.


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